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Clay Driveway Pavers

Clay Driveway Pavers are offered in a range of colours that will suit any driveway, patio, and more! Visit your local APC store for these pavers!
Colour Range
Clay Driveway Pavers | Slate | 230 x 114 Pavers Slate
Clay Driveway Pavers | Taupe | 230 x 114 Pavers Taupe
Clay Driveway Pavers | Aniseed | 230 x 114 Pavers Aniseed
Clay Driveway Pavers | Autumn Sunset | 230 x 114 Pavers Autumn Sunset
Clay Driveway Pavers | Firestone Red | 230 x 114 Pavers Firestone Red
Clay Driveway Pavers | Gold N Copper | 230 x 114 Pavers Gold 'n' Copper
Clay Driveway Pavers | Sunburst Red | 230 x 114 Pavers Sunburst Red
Disclaimer: Colour swatches on this website are a guide only. We recommend to view the latest product samples instore before making your final selection.
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Colourfast
  • Slip resistant
  • Free samples available
Suitable for
  • Driveways
  • Patios and alfresco areas
  • Pool areas
  • Entertaining areas and courtyards
  • Garden paths and walkways
Specifications Size No.per m2 Weight per m2 m2 per pallet
Clay Driveway Pavers 230 x 114 x 50mm 37 103kg 12.97
Clay Driveway Pavers 230 x 114 x 65mm 37 130kg 10.81

Clay Driveway, Patio, Alfresco Pavers and More!

Enhance your outdoor spaces with our Clay Driveway Pavers. Clay pavers are available in a range of neutral colours which will effortlessly complement any outdoor setting. Crafted for durability and longevity, these pavers are perfect for pathways, patios, and courtyard areas, ensuring a lasting touch of elegance around your home.

Not only do our clay pavers stand the test of time, but they also boast colourfast properties, maintaining their rich tones even under the sun’s intense gaze. Rest easy knowing that your outdoors will remain vibrant and appealing for years to come.

These pavers have a slip-resistant feature to provide secure footing, making them ideal for various applications. Whether you’re strolling along a pathway or hosting gatherings on your patio, our clay pavers offer a reliable and stylish foundation.

Experience the charm and practicality of low-maintenance living with our Clay Driveway Pavers. As a testament to our confidence in the quality of our products, we’re pleased to offer free samples, allowing you to touch, feel, and envision these pavers in your own space. Elevate your outdoor experience with the enduring beauty and functionality of our clay pavers today.

For a cost effective alternative, we suggest our Red Clay Paver.

Australian Paving Centre will beat any competitors price on the same or similar products in South Australia. See our full terms and conditions here.

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