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FAQs: Artificial Grass

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How long will my artificial grass last for?

The life expectancy of artificial, or synthetic grass as it is also commonly called, is approximately 20 years. We anticipate due to its excellent quality and UV stability an even longer timeframe in a domestic environment.

Why select artificial grass instead of natural grass?

Artificial grass provides many benefits over natural grass including:

  • Limited maintenance costs
  • No watering (save on your water bill)
  • No mowing
  • No fertilising
  • It is not reliant on certain weather patterns for its survival

This results in a beautiful looking lawn that lasts all year round and is not affected by the weather and water restrictions.

Is the grass child and pet-friendly?

All artificial grass supplied is made from the highest quality yarns which have no toxic properties. It is suitable for use by children and animals. Additionally, people who suffer from hay fever will be much more comfortable around our artificial grass than natural grass.

Does artificial grass get affected by “pet business”?

Not at all, just treat our artificial grass like normal grass. Urine will not cause discolouration and simply seeps through the drainage holes. Remove solids as you normally would then simply hose down any areas that your pet frequents.

What happens to the water when it rains?

The water drains through the sand infill and through the perforated drainage holes in the grass (the flow is substantially reduced during this process). The water will then follow the fall of the ground. Artificial grass acts exactly the same way as a sewn grass.

Is there any maintenance required?

The grass can be washed down with a hose or cleaned with a stiff brush annually. Artificial grass can be cleaned like natural grass by using a leaf blower or a flexible rake to remove debris. An occasional sweep with a stiff broom (against the grain of the grass) is also beneficial.

What is your artificial grass made from?

Artificial grass supplied from the Australian Paving Centre is a high grade synthetic product made with premium multiple backings and monofilament grass fibres. The backing is made with polyester weft and SBR latex. The materials are UV resistant, highly durable, environmentally friendly and available in 4 metre and 2 metre wide rolls.

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