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10 Top tips for retaining wall quotes

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When it comes to retaining wall quotes, there are many factors you will need to consider. At APC, we know some of the best retaining wall contractors and can help with your retaining wall quotes.

Our preferred tradies operate independently of APC. We do our best to match a local tradie to your project, however you must conduct your own due diligence on these businesses. Please ensure they are currently licensed and insured for the work they are undertaking.

Below we provide 10 top tips to consider for your retaining wall quotes. Our preferred tradies operate independently of APC. We do our best to match a local tradie to your project, however you must conduct your own due diligence on these businesses. Please ensure they are currently licensed and insured for the work they are undertaking.


Many people make the mistake of building their new home first, then tackling their retaining walls later. If you are building retaining walls in your rear yard but have very limited access down the side of your home, how will you get your products into your backyard? And do you need any other equipment to help, such as a bobcat?

Limited access can create additional time to a Tradie’s job, meaning the job will cost more. Your Tradie may have to manually carry each retaining wall block out the back and in some cases, go through your home. This can result in potential damage to your new home. By creating your retaining walls first, means you have free access to build these. You can get them done in the quickest and easiest methods available, resulting in the most cost effective job.

make your retaining wall a feature

Your retaining wall doesn’t just have to serve a purpose but it can highlight a garden area, can double as seating and can really add value to your home, if done right! Consider the aesthetics of your retaining wall and think of it as an extension of your home, rather than just a retaining wall. Style, colour, finish and capping units – the range that is on offer for your retaining wall can provide you with endless possibilities.

These days, customers are getting creative with using their retaining walls for a dual purpose – such as retain and entertain!

size and height of your wall

The most important question is the length and height of your wall. This will determine which products are best suited for the job. Some products are designed to go higher than others without reinforcement and engineering. You will also need to consider if your Local Council has any requirements or restrictions on maximum unreinforced wall heights so ensure you check this before beginning.

When choosing your retaining wall blocks, be sure to read APC’s features, benefits and specifications to ensure they are suited to your particular project. Is it for an internal wall or on a boundary and do you want a terraced, vertical or set back wall? All of these products have a limit on the height they can be built to.

is your retaining wall curved or straight?

Before you decide on your product or colour, you should consider if your retaining wall will be straight or curved. Does it require a matching capping? Will it double as a seat? Will it have steps?

Not all retaining wall products are created equal. Different products are made for different purposes so it’s important that you choose the correct product fit for its purpose. Some products are made for smaller garden walls whilst others allow for additional reinforcement for very high walls or walls that will be retaining very large amounts of soil. Some of our products are perfect for near vertical walls, curved walls and steps.

Various retaining wall products may only be suitable for straight walls only so be sure to look at the features and benefits of each product. You’ll find that every product at APC lists the features and benefits to help you work out what product is perfect for your project.

do you require steps in your retaining wall?

Using retaining wall blocks offers the flexibility to incorporate steps in to your retaining wall. Most of our retaining wall blocks also offer matching capping units and corners to use for your steps and provide a seamless finish. You can also mix and match the colour of your blocks and caps to create a focal point and feature of your steps.

you may save a substantial amount of money by diy

If you are planning on DIY, we have a range of DIY friendly retaining wall block products to help make installing your wall a little easier. It can be very rewarding but also requires careful planning, the correct tools plus the right preparation is key. You’ll need to take your time and don’t take short cuts and don’t rush the job.

A Tradie may cost a lot more but you can be sure that the job will be done correctly, professionally and will look great! At Australian Paving Centre, we can put you in touch with the right Tradie for the job if you need.

ensure you have correct drainage

Retaining Wall blocks should be constructed with special attention to detail. Make sure the wall to be established has firm foundation and part of this is the drainage. Your retaining wall will usually be withholding tonnes of soil. Adequate drainage will be important to ensure water has the ability to flow away.

Concrete sleepers vs blocks

Some prefer to lean towards concrete sleepers thinking they may be easier. They can sometimes be quicker to install due to their size. However, they are extremely heavy and require 2 people to lift. Consider the aesthetics of your retaining wall as they are not only going to be a large focal area in your yard but also can add significant value to your home.

Select your Tradie wisely

Find someone local and ensure they are licensed and insured. They should provide you with a written quote and use small business owner-operators who quote and build the project they have quoted for you. Research and purchase your retaining wall product yourself. It provides a cheaper overall cost and you buy the product you like. Having the product onsite prior to the Tradie attending the quote will result in a faster response and a more accurate quote for installing them.

Visit your local store

Be sure to visit your local store rather than making your selection purely based on shopping online. It helps to physically view and feel the product and colours can appear different onscreen. You can also speak to staff to ensure that your product selection is suitable for your project and can run through the features and benefits of the product.

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